Cineam - Privacy is the main concern of people today. There are so many social networking sites that exploit your privacy and you can't do much about it. I don't want to mention names but there are still websites that store your information even after you delete your account and another thing that surprises me is that the leading social networking sites have agreements with search engines and they take them to places like that. to the extent that if someone searches for someone else on the search engine, he will get results from the profile of that person's social networking site. Really published and the irony of this situation is that this is done without your permission.

The solution to that is, that you read the agreement that you must approve before creating any account or profile on the internet. If there is something that you think is not suitable for you, don't do it. And if you really need to create an account, at least keep that in your mind and take care of it in the future.

Adult material:

I don't think that every internet user is not aware of the fact that how much on the internet, we are surrounded by pornographic sites. One click can take you anywhere. This may not be a big problem for students, but this is really a concern for parents who have small children. They always worry about them about this problem.

Many people limit their children to use the internet which inevitably inhibits their education process because nowadays the internet is the biggest media of information and if someone does not use it, he is left behind.

So, there are many solutions to this problem that will let children grow up in education and will not direct them to adult material. One simple solution is to keep an eye on children when they use the internet and if you don't have enough time or for some reason, you can't do that, there is a lot of software that limits access to the website. If you want to have one, try the keyword "Parental control software" on some search engines. This will give you some useful results. Then with a little study, you can implement the software.

Another way is to install "Key loggers" on the computer. It keeps logging of the websites visited. You can check it to find out which websites are surfing. This can also be known if your child is not smart enough to delete the web browser history.

Forbidden Knowledge:

On the Internet, information about everything is available. Knowledge about everything is not good. One can easily find the virus code and then give them a software form. Like wise there are many books that explain how to make bombs, secretly kill people, disturb neighbors, plant marijuana or weeds etc.

Children can read interesting things like that and start applying them. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to monitor them in this case. You have to watch them yourself.

Plagiarism and free material:

One of the main concerns about the Internet is plagiarism. Many people's works are stolen or copied and used in one way or another. Many people share their unique ideas on blogs or on other interactive sites just to get feedback from others and before they realize it, their ideas are stolen and even implemented. Unfortunately, there is rarely justice given. Therefore, be careful before posting anything on the internet. Don't share your unique research or ideas unless you have copy rights.

Another disadvantage of the internet is that almost everything here is free. It is really cool for users but very painful for producers of these materials. We know that today we can find and download almost every book, film, song album and software for free on the internet. This actually causes a loss for people who sell these items. And it's very difficult to ban anything that is provided for free, on the internet. So, be ethical and try not to do such activities.

Waste of time and health hazards:

The internet is the whole world itself. There are many activities that can be done here and one life is not enough to explore it. Apart from that, this is so interesting that it spends time like a jet consuming gasoline. I mean to say that people who use the internet are often addicted, and this becomes like oxygen to them. So, don't let the internet be dangerous for you. Set some limits and try to stay in it.

Everything has two aspects: bright and dark. The Internet is no exception but until now we have only focused on the downside.
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